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I am Caroline Robinson. A clairvoyant, psychic consultant who performs readings for people using tarot, palmistry and mediumship.
I also do spiritual healings including Reiki and Crystal Healing.

Additional to my Clairvoyant profession I am also a reborn doll artist and enjoy bringing these babies to life.

I love many forms of arts and crafts which I put into these creations.

Sometimes ( if requested ) I put Reiki energy or a crystal heart into the body of the baby, which can enhance their well being.

But with every baby I make, they will all have my positive energy that I work with naturally.

 You really have to hold one of these babies to feel their relaxing presence, and you may even find yourself rocking them in your arms as they are so life like.

 so... If you are interested in purchasing one of my reborn babies or would like a customised baby of your choice, individualy crafted to your specifications...

Please contact me for further details.
as i look forward to hearing from you.


"  Enjoy looking through my website "

Love and Light,
Caroline Robinson.